We offer a variety of accessories to help make your TruckVault® storage system best suit your life and your needs. Order these when
choosing your TruckVault storage system or after you've had it long enough to realize what extras would make it better organized for your gear.


One of the benefits of getting a TruckVault storage system is that every system we build is made to order, meaning that you have the option to customize it exactly as you want it to be. First, you get to choose your carpet colors, drawer fronts, and locks for your TruckVault storage system. Once you've got the basics picked out you can choose from a variety of different add-ons depending on what your needs are. We have in-drawer lights great for nighttime use, dividers for organizing your gear, a TruckVault technology platform for those who want to stay connected, and much more.

Check out all the options below and if you have questions or are ready to order, feel free to give us a call at 800-967-8107 or email us at .


Available in 2 options: Heavy Duty and Basic. The Heavy Duty table extension supports up to 200 lbs. It will add 4" to the total height of your drawer(s). The Basic table extension supports up to 50 lbs. and is fully removable. It will add 2" to the total height of your drawer(s).

Tie Down Rails 

The Tie-Down Rail cargo restraint system allows for the secure stowing of cargo. With vertical pull strength of up to 7,000 lbs., Tie-Down Rails can help reduce damage and loss of equipment in the case of an accident.


In-Drawer Lighting

LED lighting provides 16-20 hours of white or red light to help illuminate your drawers' interior. Includes 3M Velcro strips and bracket/screw pack for in-drawer mounting options. AA Battery powered.



Conveniently organize your gear and equipment with any one of our in-drawer divider packages.



Drawer foam inlay is a sturdy, flexible insert that helps protect your sensitive gear from moving during vehicle travel. Includes a long-nose marker for tracing your items and a small knife blade for cutting the foam.



Dayboxes are available in two sizes, Standard height and Magnum height. 12-gauge steel and an inlay of 1/2" MDO plywood ensures every Daybox meets or exceeds all ATF standards for temporary supervised storage of explosives and detonators.


A great solution for team planning in the field. Custom and free floating on ledgers, you can either stand them up, use them as a flat writing surface, or take them with you. Installed towards the top of the drawers to preserve storage underneath. Available with or without a pencil cubby.


Powered by an internally installed power inverter, the TruckVault Technology Platform provides optional 12V, 110V, and 5V USB to the interior and exterior of your drawer system.


If you like the look of our All-Weather TruckVault storage systems but don't have an open-bed pickup, you can have your drawers sprayed with weatherproof exterior spray to give it the rugged look and make it easier to clean.


Adding a rubber mat to the top of your TruckVault storage system helps protect your drawers from being scratched and helps keep your items in place while resting on top of your drawer system.

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