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A Division of General Sales Administration
#GS-07F-0115Y SCHEDULE 84


TruckVault has partnered with authorized GSA contractor
Major Police Supply, A division of General Sales Administration
to handle the selling of all TruckVault Storage Systems.

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When we set out to find a partner for our GSA business, we wanted someone who not only had the capability to do our products justice, but a partner who cares as much about the customer as we do. With years of experience working together, and the strong relationships that have grown from that, TruckVault and Major Police Supply are a natural fit and a potent combination to deliver quality solutions for GSA customers

Major Police Supply a division of General Sales Administration, has specialized in the field of emergency vehicle equipment for over 30 years and is currently one of the largest suppliers and installers in the nation. They also currently stock and distribute products for almost every major manufacturer of emergency vehicle equipment in the country. Today, Major Police Supply manages the installations for the largest law enforcement fleets in the world and is widely regarded as the leader in the field of emergency vehicle equipment installation and fleet maintenance. Major Police Supply has sales specialists across the country that provide services to departments and agencies both big and small.

Chevrolet Tahoe - Base Line


Ford Explorer - Base Line

Explorer Base Line

Ford Explorer - Elevated Line

Ford Explorer Elevated TruckVault

Ford Explorer - Elevated Line

2020 Ford Explorer Elevated TruckVault

Dodge Durango - FloorVault

Dodge Durango FloorVault

Dodge Durango - Elevated Line

Dodge Durango Elevated TruckVault

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