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You invest a lot into your gear. Be sure to keep it protected from theft. 



Secure Fishing Storage

We all invest a lot of time and money into the hobbies we love. Whether it's the freedom of the outdoors or a prized catch, fishing has a way of pulling on the heartstrings as well as our wallets... Securing those investments are paramount in the continuing pursuit. TruckVault® offers a variety of highly lockable storage systems that will secure your countless tackle boxes, waders, rods, reels and gear.


On any given outing, the decisions of a rod, line, and tackle go a long way in determining the day's success. But let's face it, we can't bring all of our gear with us to the water. Ensuring that the rest of your gear is secured in a TruckVault storage system back at the vehicle will give you unrivaled peace of mind and enjoyment. When you have valuables in your rig, your best bet is to Lock It Up®.

"I don't have to worry about my gear. I lock it up in the TruckVault and I don't think about it for one second while I'm out on the water."

Rob Endsley // Pro Fishing Guide


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