10 Tips for Firearm Safety in Your Home

Over 380,000 guns are stolen from gun owners every year. The worst part? Those SAME stolen guns are given to criminals and later used in violent crimes. Properly storing your firearm could solve this problem. And in today’s article, I’m going to show you ten tips for enhanced gun safety in your home (plus a bonus vehicle firearm safety tip at the end). Let’s get started! 

1. Store your firearms in a locked cabinet or safe

Whether you have children in your house or not, it is essential to keep your firearms locked up when they are not in use. This not only prevents children from finding and accidentally discharging your guns but also prevents thieves or intruders from stealing or using your weapons against you.

2. Unload your firearms before locking them up

As an extra precautionary step, be sure to unload ammunition from your guns before storing them. This will prevent accidental discharges, in the event one of your children finds the key or combination to your lock and gets a hold of your weapon. 

3. Store and lock up your ammunition separately from your firearms

After unloading your firearm, store the ammunition in a locked area separate from the firearms themselves. Even if someone manages to unlock and get into your gun safe, they will not have access to the ammunition. 

4. Keep the muzzle of your firearm pointed in a “safe” direction

When you store your guns, point the muzzle in a direction where, even if an accidental discharge occurs, it will not harm anyone. Make sure the barrel of the gun is never facing anyone directly.

5. Unload, clean, and secure firearms immediately after use

When you get back from a hunting trip or shooting at the range, make sure the first thing you do is unload your gun. Next, clean it to ensure nothing is blocking the barrel. Finally, lock your firearm up until the next time you use it.

6. Never leave a gun unattended

When you return from shooting, make sure you never leave your gun unattended where someone could get their hands on it. Keep it in your view until you’re finished unloading, cleaning, and securing the gun.

7. Use a gun lock to render it inoperable when you are not using it

Invest in a gun lock as an extra measure of security. If someone manages to unlock your gun safe or cabinet and get their hands on your firearm, they will still not be able to shoot it with the gun lock on it. 

8. Keep the combination or location of the key to your gun safe a secret

Make sure you do not tell anyone the combination to your safe, or the location of the key to your cabinet. This removes any temptation from curious children who may harm themselves or others trying to get a closer look at the gun. 

9. Educate the other people in your home on firearm safety

Make sure everyone in your family is aware that there are firearms in the house, and remove the mystery surrounding them. This may involve disclosing the location of the guns and explaining to children what guns do and how severe the damage can be.

10. Make sure your children know how to protect themselves from guns

Tell your children that under no circumstances should they touch a gun if they see one. Make sure they also never allow their friends to touch a gun. Tell them that if they do see an unattended gun, they need to tell an adult they trust right away.

Bonus Tip: Firearm Safety on the Go

It is just as essential to secure your firearms when you’re on the go as it is to secure them in your home. By securing your firearms while traveling, you prevent any passengers from accidentally discharging the weapon in the car, and prevent anyone from breaking into your vehicle and stealing it. My go-to vehicle firearm storage is TruckVault

TruckVault offers custom-fitted storage for trucks, vans, sedans, and SUVs. It’s also backed by a limited lifetime warranty and uses only the finest materials. You can be sure your firearms are safe and secure with TruckVault.