Drones in Law Enforcement

To the military they are UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) or RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems), to the rest of us they are simply called drones. Drones are used when manned flight is considered too risky or very difficult. They are all over the news lately both being used recreationally and in the Law Enforcement sector. This growing recreational consumer market and an increasing Public Safety arena has over 347 agencies in 43 states now flying them as of April 2017.

Drones have been deployed by the LE community for over a decade now dating back to a time when it was just an emerging technology with very limited uses. If you think the LE community has a bunch of these flying robots in the air, consider this –“the FAA estimates that the consumer market for drones will more than triple by 2021, with 3.5 million drones in use, up from 1.1 million currently“. The fleet market estimates that at any given time 420K commercial drones are likely to be flying. That’s a lot of drones and with the rise in this usage so has the need to securely store not only the drone itself but the additional thousands of dollars-worth of hardware needed to safely operate these non-manned flights.

TruckVault ratcheted up its drone build program in early 2018. Spearheaded out of necessity, we were receiving requests weekly for a secure in-vehicle TruckVault build that could not only house the flying portion of the equation the drone itself, but also an array of high-tech monitors, cameras, and much more. One recent promotional video supporting our capabilities had us working with a department that had invested $70k dollars, a payload well worth securing and protecting in the back of your pickup, sedan, van, or SUV.

For more information on our custom tailored TruckVault Drone builds give us a call at (800) 967-8107 and ask for your local knowledgeable TruckVault Representative.