Engineered for Security

Q+A with TruckVault's Engineering Manager Sheahan McCulla

Sheahan McCulla is TruckVault’s Engineering Manager, which means he oversees the intricacies of TruckVault builds and is constantly creating new and improved designs. We chatted about his firearm getting stolen, product testing, and the importance of customizability.

Q: You had an experience with gun theft. Tell us a little more about that.

A: On my sixteenth birthday, my parents surprised me with a Savage 308. It was the best present I can ever remember. I loved that gun. A few years later when I was in college, my dad called me and told me that our guns were stolen, including mine, and I remember I was devastated. That was my baby. That could never be replaced - it was special to me.”

Q: How does that experience affect your work?

A: It drives making sure our product is secure. I’d hate for anyone else to have that feeling - something special to them stolen. It drives what we do, how we test, making sure our product is the most secure out there.

Q: How important is product testing to TruckVault’s mission?

A: It’s important for us to get out and test how it’s locked down - make sure these locks function correctly after these bumpy roads. Some of our users use these day in day out and it’s gotta be reliable. 

Q: What do you like about the build in your personal vehicle?

A: What I love about the All-Weather unit is that you don’t need a topper or a canopy, that you can throw bark, trees, logs, and firewood on top of it and still access your gear. I keep mine in my truck all throughout the winter. It’s nice to keep your gear safe and dry, away from the elements, and it doesn’t take up space in the cab. 

Q: Why is customizability a major feature for TruckVault?

A: By having the core of the TruckVault similar for makes and models, we just need to redesign the wings to fit the contours and the height so the drawers clear. If we can measure it, we can build it.