A Photographer’s New Best Friend: Underseat Crew Cab Storage with SeatVault

If you’re a photographer who owns a truck, you need a SeatVault by TruckVault. Originally built for secure in-cab gun storage, the SeatVault brings our highly secure storage options into the cab of your pickup, ideal for those needing to keep their camera gear safe while away from their vehicle. These days, crew cab underseat storage is more necessary than ever. Here’s 3 more reasons the SeatVault is right for you: 


If you’re a traveling photographer, you have two choices: keep your gear safe by lugging it around everywhere with you or take a risk by leaving it in the car, maybe with a blanket on top. With the SeatVault you don’t have to choose - you get the ease of keeping your photography equipment in the car and the peace of mind knowing that thieves don’t stand a chance. Everything we’ve learned over the years of making secure in-vehicle storage – from creating the sturdiest MDO materials to utilizing the toughest Simplex locks -  goes into making the SeatVault the safest in-cab storage option on the market.  


By adding a foam bed to your SeatVault, you’re able to keep your gear steady and unaffected by the bumps and bruises of the road.  The last thing you want is a 50mm 1.4 flying around in your backseat. In addition, the SeatVault provides unbeatable organization possibilities, so you never have to question where you put your stuff (except your lens cap - that’s in your back pocket). You’re ready to go wherever the road takes you and whenever you need to get the shot.  


If you didn’t tell someone you had a SeatVault, they might not ever know. Because they sit snugly under your backseat, and because we design them to fit the size and design of your vehicle, SeatVaults are the most discreet underseat storage in the game, putting all that unused storage space to work for you. On top of the seats, there’s still plenty of room for your Pelican cases, Yeti coolers, carseats and camping supplies.  

There’s only one option when it comes to crew cab underseat storage, and it’s the SeatVault.