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Magnum Offset

The Magnum 2 Drawer All-Weather Offset is the perfect design for anyone looking for waterproof pickup truck gun storage, particularly if you have some large and/or wide gear that wouldn't fit in our 2 Drawer design. You can organize tools and accessories (smaller pieces of gear) in the second, smaller drawer for the ultimate truck bed storage system. Completely sealed with weatherproof exterior spray coating, this TruckVault is sure to protect your valuable guns and gear from dust, grit, and water.

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Key Features

Approx. Width Approx. Length Drawer Count Magnum Drawer Depth Approx. Weight
49.25 " 75" 2 10.125 " 130 - 265 LBS
  • Two offset-width, 60-40 split, Magnum drawers with 10” interior height.
  • Heavy-duty weatherproof exterior weather coating.
  • Bulb seal and compression latch sealed drawers.
  • 2,000 lbs. top load capacity, 300 lbs. drawer capacity.
  • Made with MDO which is strong, heat resistant, and highly customizable.


All-Weather Line Options

Drawer Height

Standard Height : 6 1/8”

Enough vertical room for various low profile equipment and gear.

Utility Height : 8 1/8”

Providing additional head space for mid-size equipment and gear.

Magnum Height : 10 1/8”

Ample drawer depth for larger sized equipment and gear.

Drawer Count

Two Drawers

Splitting up your available storage space can help keep sensitive gear separated.

Offset Drawers

Allowing for larger sized gear to be stored separate from smaller items when needed.

Drawer Locks

Folding T-Handle

Weatherproof compression keyed lock.

Drawer Faces

Mossy Oak® 
Shadow Grass Blades®
Mossy Oak®
Original Bottomland®
**temporarily unavailable





Runs the length of your longest drawer side and can be positioned in any desired form.

* Available upon request


Section off the interior drawer into a number of compartments.

* Available upon request

Pickup Length


Fits within 5' 6" bed length.


Fits within 6' 6" bed length.


Fits within 8' bed length.