Sport Utility Series // Commander Line

Tac Center

Arguably the TruckVault Tac Center is at the pinnacle of our Commander Line. The Tac Center is the perfect solution for the most demanding of operators in the field. Equipped with secure drawers for weapons, file cabinets, a magnetic dry erase map board, and additional secure miscellaneous storage, it is the perfect tool to increase your on-scene situational effectiveness.

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Key Features

Approx. Length Drawer
Standard Drawer Depth Approx. Weight
40 - 48 Inches 30 Inches 6 5.625 Inches 350 - 425 LBS
  • A full size magnetic dry-erase map board is the perfect tool to coordinate your assets in the field or display information for in-situ presentations.
  • Low-profile storage for small items.
  • Three regulation file drawers secures a huge amount of files right in the field.
  • Lower level weapons drawer keeps firepower at your fingertips.
  • All-glide design provides fantastic operation.
  • Made with MDO which is strong, heat resistant, and highly customizable.

SUV Series Options

Drawer Height

Standard Height : 6 1/8”

Enough vertical room for various low profile equipment and gear.

Utility Height : 8 1/8”

Providing additional head space for mid-size equipment and gear.

Magnum Height : 10 1/8”

Ample drawer depth for larger sized equipment and gear.

Drawer Count

One Drawer

Open storage space with abundant organizational options allowing space for larger sized items.

Two Drawers

Splitting up your available storage space can help keep sensitive gear separated.

Offset Drawers

Allowing for larger sized gear to be stored separate from smaller items when needed.

Drawer Locks

Kaba Simplex Combo

Mechanical combo lock with key override.

Folding T-Handle

Weatherproof compression keyed lock.

Black T-Handle

Basic keyed lock that doubles as handle.

Silver T-Handle

Default keyed lock unless otherwise specified.

Drawer Faces

Mossy Oak® 
Shadow Grass Blades®
Mossy Oak®
Original Bottomland®
**temporarily unavailable





Run from corner to corner, good for long and narrow pieces of equipment.

*Available upon request


Runs the length of your longest drawer side and can be positioned in any desired form.

* Available upon request


Section off the interior drawer into a number of compartments.

* Available upon request

SUV Length


Fits snug against the third row seat.


For vehicles with no third-row seats which allow for longer drawers.


Extends all the way to the back of the second row seat.